Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"I'm a Patient and a Volunteer"

Yurika Dollar's Story

I started to go to GBMC last year in August for my radiation. In March of last year, I was diagnosed with breast cancer – early stage. I had my surgery to remove my cancer at another hospital. At the time, I was with another health insurance company. When I walked into GBMC all the staff members, doctors and nurses gave me a warm welcome…unlike the other hospital.

I had my radiation for six weeks. I went every day for five days a week. Just before Thanksgiving of 2014, I finally finished my treatment. I didn't want to leave that time – I started to be friends with all the staff members, including the doctors. So, I asked one of the nurses if it was possible to call my new insurance and tell them I needed more tests, just so I could keep coming back. She said, “Would you like to volunteer here?” I said “Yes!” without a blink of an eye. She told me to go on the website and do the application. So, I did it.

I got a call from the GBMC Volunteer Department, wanting me to come in for an interview with the Director of Volunteers. I got so excited because I had never been a volunteer before. Soon after that I went in for training. I volunteer at the GBMC Oncology Radiation Department, twice a week. Now, I love all the GBMC staffs, doctors and nurses – they're the BEST. I'm also proud to be a patient!

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