Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"I Survived Tongue Cancer"

Usha Pandya's Story

I have been fortunate to survive tongue cancer, thanks to GBMC and Dr. John Saunders. I was having a problem controlling my tongue movement and kept biting it every now and then. My husband and I have never been to any hospitals so knew no one to call. He looked up “Head and Neck Cancer specialist” on the internet, and then took me to Dr. Saunders at GBMC. The year was 1992, and I was eventually cured of cancer.

My cancer returned, and this time my lymph node had cancer in it, too. I had radical cancer surgery to remove the cancer. I was on the operating table for 18 hours, and during surgery the half right of my tongue was removed and replaced with my own skin from my hand by a plastic surgeon. Then I was in surgical ICU and head and neck ward. The year was 1994.

From then up to the present, I have not been able to swallow solid food. People have to really listen to me to understand my speech. Unfortunately, we the general people, never take time to listen each other. But not Dr. Saunders – Dr. Saunders has always listened and knew my words. Because of him, because of GBMC and those greatest nurses who took care of me, I survived. Of course my husband listens and understands me, too, He was by my side all through my saddest time.

I love you, GBMC. You people are great, and you are high point of so many lives – including mine. Happiest 50th and many more.

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