Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"A Collaborative Effort"

Tom Price's Story

My story is actually a collaborative effort by some very special GBMC people. Thirty-nine years ago, I began my personal involvement with a GBMC education program aimed at providing funds to GBMC staff over and above the normal educational assistance monies, the T. Rowe Price Education Fund. Over the years I have been honored to work with a special committee who has given countless hours to make certain that this program works. Representatives from Human Resources, Nursing and Radiology, among others, have worked behind the scenes every year to make this program successful. When two committee members recently retired from GBMC, they returned as Volunteers to continue their involvement. These are the types of people synonymous with GBMC. The success of this effort, which has helped over 500 GBMC staff continue their education, is directly tied to them. It is their story, not mine.

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