Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"My Baby is Healthy"

Sumera Billy's Story

My pregnancy was great all around. It was what a lot of women wanted: no stretch marks, small figure, little weight gain, and a healthy baby. The day came where I didn't feel my little girl move. I gave my doctor a call and then headed over to labor and delivery. Little did I know, she wasn't going to move and I had to be induced.

If I knew that I was going to deliver my first (and only, for now) child in four hours and ten minutes of labor, I wouldn't have even asked for the epidural. Seeing my baby after she was born, that’s when fear kicked in. I had to watch a little innocent child fight just to breathe, throw up every ounce of milk she drank, not be able to latch for breast milk, and so on. I was so heartbroken and saddened every time I left the NICU without her. One doctor told me that if I hadn’t called my doctor when I did, my daughter probably would have been stillborn.

When my daughter was one week old, I got the call saying that she was healthy enough to come home. Thanks to the nurses at GBMC, my baby girl cherishes every last breath and she proudly eats like a horse. The nurses there worked with my daughter, told me everything that was going on with her and they did their best to accurately diagnose her at every turn. They helped save my baby.

My baby was born healthy, thanks to GBMC, and I'm now teaching her how to walk.

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