Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"I Owe GBMC My Life"

Stella Bouyoukas's Story

I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in 2005. Dazed and confused because I had never had more than a cold in my 52 years, I was sent to GBMC. From the surgeons, oncologists and radiologists to the nurses and other staff, my care was incomparable.

I had four months of chemotherapy followed by radiation. During my chemo treatments, I developed a very deep friendship with my chemo nurse. Although I developed lymphedema in my left arm from the 21 lymph nodes that were removed during my mastectomy, I am cancer-free for nine years.

I see my oncologist, Dr. Chaudhry, every year for my check-up as well as the lymphedema clinic for my arm. As for my dear friend, nurse Jane Conrad, we speak weekly and often get together socially.

My oldest son was even born at GBMC in 1977! Thank you, GBMC. I owe you my life.

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