Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"Excellent End-of-Life Care"

Sharon Barnes' Story

When my mother entered an assisted living facility, she also became a patient of Dr. Aaron Charles and his geriatric team at GBMC. Shortly after she became his patient, my mother was taken to GBMC's Emergency Department with dangerously high blood pressure and other heart-related issues. She stayed in the hospital for a week while the doctors adjusted her medications in order to control her blood pressure and cholesterol. My mother was treated with exceptional caring and respect by all the doctors and nurses during her stay.

When she was sent back to assisted living, Dr. Charles and his staff continued to monitor my mother’s overall health and she improved. She was able to live a happy life for another five years. Then she was taken back to GBMC's Emergency Department and diagnosed with end-stage congestive heart failure. The doctors recommended Gilchrist Hospice Care, and Gilchrist’s staff took over her end-of-life care. The entire staff at Gilchrist was wonderful to her and our entire family during my mother’s last month. They made her passing so much easier for her and for us.

I am grateful for the excellent care my mother received in the last years of her life. Because of GBMC's care for my mother, we were able to enjoy being with her for an additional five years. And, because of Gilchrist's compassionate and caring end-of-life care, my mother was able to say goodbye with dignity.

Many years ago, my mother was a volunteer at GBMC and she was so proud when, 3 years ago, I followed in her footsteps and also became a GBMC volunteer. I am proud to be a GBMC volunteer and help other patients and their families.

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