Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"Great Care for a Dear Friend"

Selma Kahl's Story

My dearest friend of 43 years was admitted to GBMC for her dying days. The family was allowed to stay with her for her constant needs. I was so blessed to be called her family. She told the nurses that I was her sister, since she really had no sisters at all.

I spent one whole night with her. It was both painful and very rewarding. It was the day before thanksgiving. I left in the morning and the last thing she said to me was be very careful going across the beltway at this time in the morning.

My friend was Anita Insley. She died a day later. The year, I believe, was 1975. When I think of her, I think of GBMC, her final days and the care you gave to her. Thank you ever so much for this opportunity to remember her and the great hospital.

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