Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"Finding My Niche"

Sean Squires' Story

A few years ago, my grandfather was admitted to the Gilchrist Center in Towson. He was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that had metastasized to other parts of his body. The doctors said he would have six months or less to live, but the time frame became less and less as time went on. In a matter of eleven days from his diagnosis, my grandfather was taken away from my family, this world and myself.

After his diagnosis, most of my grandfather’s time was spent between the hospital and Gilchrist Hospice Care. The staff at Gilchrist took exceptional care of my grandfather while he was under their watch. They came in to check on him, and us, every hour on the hour. Staff members came in with smiles on their faces and brightened up the room, even when the days seemed gloomy. Not a moment went by that I was displeased with the care Gilchrist provided.

Death is always a saddening event. We fear for our loved ones, we fear for our own lives without them and, most of all, we fear for that empty place in our hearts that will never be filled again once they are gone. The staff at Gilchrist made our journey through death easier. Every time I think of what they did for my grandfather, I will be forever grateful.

My mom was working in the finance department for Gilchrist at the time of my grandfather's arrival to the Towson inpatient unit. After my grandfather passed, I spent days thinking and hoping his death was all a dream.

Then one day it hit me: I decided I wanted to give back to hospice because of the amazing care they provided for my grandfather. I knew it would be rough, especially with the recent loss of my grandfather, but I knew I wanted to be the one helping other families through this rough journey. With help from my mom and through contacting a few people, I was hired as a Certified Nursing Assistant for Gilchrist Hospice Care. To this day, receiving that job was one of the most rewarding and amazing experiences I have ever had.

Without Gilchrist, I would not have grown to be the person I am today. It changed my outlook on life, taught me what the priorities in life are and trained me on how to nurture and show compassion to the utmost. It is so rewarding to be there for someone's first breath into the world, and equally rewarding to experience his or her last breath as they leave this world. Without Gilchrist I would not be on the journey I am on today.

I know now, after working for hospice, that it is definitely my passion and drive. I am currently enrolled in nursing school, looking forward to graduation and beginning my new journey as a Registered Nurse providing hospice care.

I am elated and proud that I have found my niche and something that is very near and dear to my heart. Without Gilchrist I would not have been able to experience the changes I went through as a person, wouldn’t have seen the amazing things I saw or have been able to create such rewarding bonds with such amazing staff members at Gilchrist Hospice Care.

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