Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"Great Care for My Mother"

Rosemary Hofherr's Story

My first memory of GBMC was my mom's hernia operation in 1966. She has just turned 65 and had Medicare. There was a large section of GBMC dedicated to people like my mom who, a few days after surgery, was able to get around fairly well, and the hospital allowed those folks to stay for up to two weeks. I visited her in a large comfortable lounge area with other patients in a similar situation. Back then, hospitals didn't send people home a few days after surgery, especially elderly patients.

It is hard to believe the extended care she received in a beautiful comfortable atmosphere given today's standards of treatment. Back then, even having an uncomplicated delivery and birth, the mom and baby spent five days at GMBC. Times have changed. I also recall how beautiful and modern GBMC seemed to me back then.

I had my second and third children at GBMC in 1968 and 1970, and a gall bladder operation in January of 1990. I also worked in the west wing for Dr. Stephen Busky. Over the years, I've had several GBMC doctors and specialists and have been happy to watch the growth of the hospital.

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