Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"GBMC Saved My Child’s Toe"

Rita Weber's Story

My first child was born at GBMC on October 14, 1995 and was delivered by Dr. Tammy McCarus and her husband Dr. Steven McCarus. It was such a wonderful experience. I knew that if anything were to happen where I needed an emergency room (ER) I would fly, if need be, to GBMC. Well, little did I know that my daughter would need the ER two months later, in December of 1995.

She was really fussy one night, and I tried everything to calm her. I changed her, fed her and burped her, and she was still not calming down. I stripped her down to see if there was anything irritating her and there it was. She was a kicker and inside her sleeper was a ball of hair from the dryer and it was wrapped around her itty bitty toe. I called her dad to help me because he little feet were going a mile a minute and she would not stay still. I tried holding her leg still while he tried to get the hair off with tweezers. That did not happen – it only tightened around her toe.

Remember at the beginning when I mention I would fly, if need be, to get to GBMC in an emergency? I think that is what happened that night to arrive to the hospital as quickly as we did. I seriously think we got there faster that night than the day my water broke at the bank.

The ER nurses were awesome. I know I looked petrified, because I felt it. They did everything to help me relax and assured me it was a common thing. After my baby’s father parked the car and came in, the nurses really had to put their charm and experience to work. He wanted everyone working on his daughter no matter how many people were in the waiting room. The nurses did their magic, he backed off until we were placed in the examination room and then it was the doctor's turn.

I wish I could remember who the doctor was because he was as calm as could be. I can't remember if it was the nurse or doctor, but one of them looked at my baby’s father and said, “Just be glad she is a girl and it is her toe.” I know my eyes widened and I said, “No way.” They just nodded their heads. The doctor and nurse got the hair from our daughter’s tiny purple toe. The nurse cleaned it all up, told me what to do next and said if there were any problems to take her to the pediatrician or bring her back to GBMC. Needless to say, everything turned our wonderfully. She went on doing all of her normal little baby moves without the tears or discomfort. She is now a beautiful 19-year-old with all toes intact.

My daughter graduated high school in 2013 and was on the badminton team and marching band all four years.

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