Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"Doctors Treat You Like Family"

Priscilla Scott's Story

My daughter and granddaughter started coming to GBMC long before I became a patient. I have had diabetes, high blood pressure and other health complications for quite some time and was receiving care from another primary care doctor in Baltimore. One day, I brought my granddaughter to her pediatrician’s appointment at GBMC and I immediately saw why my family spoke so highly of their doctors. I loved the way that the doctor took care of my granddaughter, treating her like family. After that experience, I changed doctors and became a patient at Family Care Associates. I wanted better care for myself and the location is more convenient for me too. I have been a patient here for five years.

My family and I all now have the same family care physician. Dr. Mathey really helps me monitor my blood and sugar levels to take control of my diabetes. Both Dr. Mathey and Anne Conrad, the nurse care manager, teach me how to take better care of myself. At every appointment, we talk about good eating habits and different types of healthy activities I can do. She also helps me to stay connected with specialists like my podiatrist.

I could not be more satisfied with the care that GBMC gives me and my family. On a scale of one to ten (ten being the best), we would give them a nine because nobody is perfect, but GBMC is the next best thing! Dr. Mathey helps us understand how we can continue to stay healthy and how we can improve while providing great resources. Whenever one of us needs an appointment, Family Care Associates makes time for us as quickly as they can.

I feel like my family and I are a part of a larger family at GBMC. They know our names, who we are and even remember our discussions from previous visits. Everything is very organized and taken care of in a timely manner, which is very important to me. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to become a GBMC patient.

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