Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"Care from Physicians Who Became Like Family"

Priscilla Barrett's Story

In 1965, Greater Baltimore Medical Center opened in Towson, and my family moved to Baltimore with a two-and-a-half-year-old and a nine-week-old. Other than a necessary and wonderful pediatrician from Union Memorial, GBMC became our entire medical family.

My early case of pneumonia introduced us to Dr. L. Myrton Gaines, and his internal medicine and rheumatology practice became home base for my husband, Richard (Dick) Barrett and myself. In 1992, Dr. Raymond W. Wilson took over the practice when Dr. Myrton became Chief of Staff at GBMC. Other than routine care, we did not know Dr. Wilson very well. That was until April of 1994.

In April of 1994, Dr. Wilson suspected, correctly, that Dick had lung cancer. After the myriad of tests, scans, biopsies and surgical considerations, we met Dr. Gary Cohen and Dr. Eva Zinreich for chemo oncology and radiation oncology, respectively. Dick became one of Dr. Cohen's success stories for a recently developed "sandwich technology," i.e. five weeks of chemotherapy, six weeks of radiation and five more weeks of chemotherapy with rest periods between treatments.

Dr. Cohen's colorful neckties, usually music-themed, and Dr. Zinreich's interest in Dick's collection of antique padlocks, quickly helped my husband through his many appointments and hospitalizations…not to mention added eleven years to his life! Our lasting admiration and thanks to the many others who contributed to that recovery.

Dr. Wilson became almost like a family member for us, especially after the tragic loss of our son two-thirds of the way through Dick's cancer treatments in 1994. After Dick died at St Joseph's Hospital in 2005 following open-heart surgery, I gave Dr. Cohen a favorite jazz band necktie and Eva Zinreich a padlock with an embossed "X-RAY" logo on it. Dr. Wilson got a few neckties also, and he always wore one when I had a scheduled appointment.

Dick and I had two grandchildren born at GBMC in 1991 and 1995, and I became a Gilchrist Hospice Volunteer in the fall of 2005. It has been an honor to give back a small portion through hospice care, and to contribute for nine years to Gilchrist Hospice Care and its phenomenal growth and impact.

Thank you GBMC!

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