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"Prayer Shawl Ministry"

Prayer Shawl Ministry's Story

Told By Sue McKenna

There’s a church hymn many likely have heard that talks about God raising you up on eagle’s wings. There are three people I know who, I am sure, with be going to heaven not on eagle’s wings, but on prayer shawls. Let me tell you a little bit about these three extraordinary women and the Prayer Shawl Ministry that is part of Spiritual Support Services here at GBMC.

If you are not aware of this ministry, individuals, organizations, church congregations and more are contacted to see if their organizations have a prayer shawl group and if that group would be willing to contribute to our ministry. The Prayer Shawls go to our patients in the intensive care units and cancer unit, and are given as a reminder to these patients and their families that they are not alone during a very difficult time in their lives. These shawls are a gesture of comfort and reassurance, letting them know we are praying for them and sending our love and support.

We have one person – Nancy Woods – who has made close to 800 prayer shawls all on her own. What a selfless gift!

In addition, we have two volunteers – Helen DeCornfeld and Gloria Mohr – who have readied all of the shawls contributed to Spiritual Support, placing them in plastic bags and attaching a non-denominational prayer so they can be distributed to our patients.

As St. Theresa of Avila so beautifully wrote, “May you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you.” These wonderful ladies are truly living that.

What more beautiful tribute and humbling experience is there than to give your beautiful gift of knitting or crocheting to others so they may feel that love and support. May God continue to bless Nancy, Helen and Gloria as they, in turn, continue to bless the patients.

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