Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"My Stress Test Revealed a Brain Tumor"

Pat Volker's Story

Imagine my surprise when a stress test for my heart revealed a brain tumor! This happened to me a year after having coronary bypass surgery.

After a CT scan, Dr. Moses arrived in my room here at GBMC to tell me that I had a brain tumor, non-malignant, but it had to come out. I had been on aspirin and had to wait two weeks for surgery. This was the most difficult two weeks of my life. Imagination takes over, and I thought of all of the bad not being able to see my grandchildren grow up.

After waiting for two weeks, the operation was scheduled only to be postponed for a day because one of the surgeons was caught in a sand storm in Arizona. Another set-back. Finally, the surgery was performed at GBMC and, as Dr. Moses said, the tumor was non-malignant but the size of a tangerine. I am most fortunate and grateful for the expertise of the surgeons that has allowed me to see my grandchildren grow up.

After successful surgery at GBMC, I decided it was time to give back. I have been a volunteer for seventeen years and have enjoyed every minute of the time I have spent at this wonderful hospital. I have worked in several areas, including Family Waiting and the Corner Shop, and am now planted at the Information Desk. I am fortunate to have served as President of the Volunteer Auxiliary which is a fabulous asset to the hospital.

I am very grateful to be a member of the GBMC family. I have made wonderful lifelong friends and look forward to many more years as a volunteer at this wonderful institution.

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