Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"Three Wonderful Childbirth Experiences"

Norine Luongo's Story

I have three children, Matthew, age 30, Christine, age 27, and Alison, age 24. All of my children were born at GBMC. My husband and I arrived at GBMC at 7:30 am with all three children – just a strange coincidence!

We were blessed to have three very healthy babies and three wonderful birth experiences at GBMC. The doctors and nursing staff were so outstanding! The rooms, hospital staff and meals were all exceptional as well. My husband and I are so lucky to have had experiences as positive as we did. I am always extremely proud to tell people where my children were born and am eternally grateful to have had such wonderful childbirth experiences. Quality hospital care is so important, and GBMC truly fits the meaning of quality hospital care.

I take pride in all three of my GBMC children living happy, successful lives today.

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