Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"A Healthy Grandchild"

Nancy Klueh's Story

I started volunteering on Units 25 and 26 while completing my Master's degree in 1989, and the experience was life changing. I saw the wonderful care patients and families received while celebrating the birth of their children. I also knew of the medical miracles that were celebrated in the NICU, where little ones were given a chance to make it into the big world.

In 1995, my husband and I were blessed with our first grandchild. Our daughter and son-in-law were living in Milan, Italy, at the time. Our daughter had a high-risk pregnancy and her Italian doctor recommended she come back to the United States to be near a high-level NICU. She returned to Baltimore, on bed rest, and stayed with us.

When she was born, our granddaughter weighed in at two pounds, twelve ounces and was five and a half weeks early. Suddenly I was seeing the OB Units and NICU firsthand, not as a volunteer but as the family member of a patient. We were so pleased at the level of care our daughter and granddaughter were receiving.

Both did very well and were able to return to Italy within five months.

I am proud to say that the great start from GBMC helped start my granddaughter on a solid life path. She is now a sophomore at Villanova and the coxswain of the men's crew team.

We are the proud grandparents of eight grandchildren, seven of which were born at GBMC. I have a good excuse why one was not - she was born in Milan! There are good reasons why so many babies are born at GBMC - great care!

Because of GBMC, I saw my first grandchild graduate high school and am now enjoying watching her be a young adult. We’re very happy and proud of the care she received at GBMC.

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