Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"A Life Filled with Meaningful Events"

Michele Better's Story

Many of the most meaningful events of my life, both personally and professionally, have occurred at GBMC. Beginning over forty years ago with the joy of giving birth to my two daughters, then followed years later with being present for the births of four of my five grandchildren (one was from New York city so GBMC was not an option), GBMC has always been very important to me.

Little did I know when my daughters were born here that I would wind up spending over twenty years in oncology social work in the Sandra and Malcolm Berman Cancer Institute. This role has brought great satisfaction and meaning to my life.

The icing on the cake was when my oldest daughter came to work as a hospitalist at GBMC. I had shared with my family what a great place GBMC was for employees and patients. It was a thrill to encounter her on the various hospital units, and I derived much pride and pleasure in hearing from co-workers and various hospital staff about what a great job she was doing.

More recently, I needed to be on the receiving end of inpatient care at our hospital. I learned firsthand about the excellent care that GBMC provides.

In summary, GBMC has been a source of joy in the births of my children and grandchildren. I have derived deep, deep satisfaction in a job that I love with co-workers that I admire, and I take comfort in knowing that my family and I will get the care we need in times of illness.

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