Greater Baltimore Medical Center
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Mary Redman's Story

My first cancer experience started in 2006 when Dr. Grumbine found a lump in my groin. It was a very rare cancer in the fallopian tube. From the very beginning, I never was frightened; he made me feel that I was in the best of hands. Very shortly after the biopsy, I began seeing Dr. Paul Celano for treatment.

My treatment has been lengthy and varied. From the start, I felt like this new way of life was interfering with my life. Through Dr. Celano, I received nothing but full support and never felt alone. My husband and I were given all the possible resources to fight this cancer. Meeting Paula, the PA, was the connection we needed. Many times, when I was not feeling well, it was Paula I called to get me the help and medication that I needed. I was lucky to have two remissions, one for two years and the other for six months. Dr. Celano even asked me to be the GBMC participant in a cancer vaccine study, which I did.

The cancer resources at GBMC were great. Losing my hair was scary, but there was always someone to talk to – others who were (or had) gone through the same things. My visits to the Infusion Center have become a time to see friends and teachers. I always enjoy seeing Irene Xavier, RN. Her smile makes the bad day tolerable. This experience with cancer has not been what my life plan was, but through GBMC, it has been an experience that I have come through.

When I think about my treatment, good times and bad times come to mind, like the different medications – some that worked and some that didn't work. But, through it all, I'm thankful for the resources that helped me get to this point.

Because of GBMC, I have continued to live my life. Our traveling has slowed down to local places, but I continue to see all my friends through dinners, ladies card groups and lunches. The best part was being able to travel to Kansas to see the first of my grandchildren get married! It was wonderful.

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