Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"GBMC Cared for My Fragile Infants"

Mary Makowske's Story

My first child was born at GBMC on March 10, 1991. My water had broken at 31 weeks after having been on bed rest for almost two months with pre-term labor. I paged my husband on the beeper we rented at the hospital. This was before cell phones! He got the page as he was about to open the front door! We called the doctor and went right to the hospital. Eighteen hours later, our daughter, Mary Catherine, "Catie," was born, all three and a half pounds and seventeen inches of her.

Catie spent five weeks in the NICU. I visited her every day, spending all day with her and the NICU nurses who were so awesome. I remember the wonderful NICU doctor who would not tell me the odds of her survival. He said it was just a number, and every baby has a chance at being one of the survivors. So many memories, like her "sunglasses" under the bili lights, preemie diapers and pumping milk to go into her feeding tube. She came home in April, just shy of five pounds.

Five years later, our second daughter, Kelly Christine, was born on March 14th, five weeks premature. She was just over five pounds when we brought her home after a scary week in the NICU. Unlike her sister who couldn't suck but had mature lungs, Kelly needed CPAP to help her breathe for the first 24 hours. But, once she was stable she could nurse right away. One week later she joined her five-year-old sister at home.

Some of the same nurses who cared for Catie took care of Kelly. I was asleep in the waiting area in the lobby of the hospital, taking a nap between visits with Kelly, when the call came on my cell phone that we could take her home, a day earlier than we expected. Now my girls are almost 19 and 24. One is a college freshman and the other is a preschool teacher. Memories of those days in the NICU at GBMC will stay with me forever. Daffodils always remind me of my daily visits to the hospital to see my baby girls because of Daffodil Days at the hospital.

Thank you, GBMC, for the care you gave my fragile infants who have brought our family so much joy.

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