Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"A GBMC Volunteer Overcomes Cancer"

Martha Klima's Story

I have volunteered at GBMC since 2008, when I resigned from my professional job. I am 76 years old, in good health and enjoy helping others.

In November, 2012, I had a routine mammogram and was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer, the Her2Neu cancer. I underwent two surgical lumpectomies, four infusions of chemotherapy, a year of herceptin infusion to stifle the Her2Neu cancer and seven weeks of radiation.

The marvel of all of this is the many doctors, nurses, technicians and others who cared for me over the entire year. From secretaries and surgeons to oncologists, infusion nurses and more, everyone was so kind and helpful in my complete recovery.

Two years have passed, and I am able to share my story with patients and their families as they face surgery in our GOR, as I volunteer in Family Waiting. Each person I meet is so grateful that we, the volunteers, are there to help. I am grateful for the excellent medical, surgical and radiation treatments I received at GBMC. I feel so well and am so grateful to everyone I have met and who cared for me at our fine hospital.

I was successfully treated for cancer, and now have the absolute privilege of volunteering at GBMC in the Family Waiting Area. I was honored to be selected as President of the wonderful GBMC Volunteer Auxiliary Board, to serve until June 1, 2015.

Our volunteers give so much of their time, energy, and joy to make our patients’ and families’ experiences a truly good one. I want to continue my commitment to GBMC and to the excellent care we provide for our patients.

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