Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"Surgery Gave Me a New Lease on Life"

Lynne Brick's Story

On January 19, 2001, my husband Victor woke me stating, "Lynne, Lynne, I think you had a bad dream." I asked him, "What did I do?" Then he explained my arms were up in the air, I was unresponsive and I was gurgling. As a former shock trauma nurse, I knew what I had experienced was not a bad was more like a nightmare. I had had a grand mal seizure.

A quick trip to an ER, a CAT Scan and an MRI revealed I had a brain tumor. I wondered how I could possibly have developed a brain tumor. Cell phone? Computer? International travel? I ate the right things, exercised regularly and lived a healthy active lifestyle. How was this possible? Although I was told by the attending doc that I could live with this tumor in my head for a few months, I knew this tumor needed to be removed so I could get back to my active lifestyle. That's when I met with a GBMC neurosurgeon, Dr. Reggie Davis.

The day after I had my initial visit with him, I felt terrible and found I was red from head to toe. I went to GBMC’s ER and was admitted. The anti-seizure medication I had been taking, Dilantin, had caused an allergic reaction. I had a previous anaphylactic allergy to shellfish. Apparently there is a connection. During this hospital visit, Dr. Davis came to visit me. I started to cry, explaining that I was scared and concerned about the unknown details regarding my brain tumor. Dr. Davis sat on the edge of my bed, held my hand and explained, "You are going to do just fine. You are strong and healthy. You will recover from your craniotomy with flying colors." Just the words I needed to hear.

My craniotomy was scheduled on February 6, 2001. Ironically, my youngest sister had a scheduled C-Section to deliver her third baby, also at GBMC, on February 8th. It was perfect. Our family could visit both of us at the same time! It turned out that my brain tumor was a benign meningioma for which they had to create a new category. My brain was growing another brain. Perhaps whoever said “Two heads are better than one” was correct!

Dr. Davis, his incredible team and the amazing nursing staff in the OR, recovery room (i.e. Lynn Toth, a fellow STU nurse), ICU and step down units were fabulous. I felt comfortable and able to rest and recover due to the professionalism and respect of the entire medical team.

Congratulations to GBMC on its 50th anniversary! When I was a pre-medical technology student at Towson University, I got a part-time job at GBMC as a nursing unit clerk on Unit 34 to learn more about medical technology. What I learned was that I didn't want to be a medical technologist. I changed my major to nursing and had the opportunity to work at GBMC as a nursing assistant as well as an RN. I owe a lot to GBMC. Thank you!

Because of GBMC, my recovery from my successful craniotomy gave me a new lease on life, for which I am extremely grateful.

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