Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"My Doctors and Nurses Were Superheroes"

Lori Kantziper's Story

In August 2004, I had my routine mammogram, which turned out to be anything but. On September 1, three weeks before my 45th birthday, I was at GBMC's Women's Surgical Center for a lumpectomy. Four rounds of chemotherapy and 38 days of radiation treatments followed. My prognosis was good, and I am convinced that it was due, in no small part, to the superheroes posing as my doctors and nurses.

GBMC is not only my employer, but also my hospital of choice. I couldn't imagine going to a hospital where I'd have been a stranger! I wanted to work as much as possible throughout my treatments, and my manager and colleagues did everything they could to support my decision. I worked night shift, and the radiation oncology department even set up my appointments for early morning so I could go get "zapped" before I went home.

I know they probably feel like it's all in a day's work, but I truly owe my life to Drs. Rotolo, Munitz, Chaudhry and Blumberg, as well as the nurses and support staff at the infusion center and radiation oncology. They were in the journey with me, all the way!

When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer, my son was 14 and my daughter 12. My first thought was, "Will I get to be in their lives as they grow up?" Because of GBMC, I'm happy to say that in the years since my surgery, my husband Joel and I have watched them both graduate from college and start their careers. In fact, a year and 10 days after surgery, I moved from my part-time position in High-Risk OB to a full-time job in the Postpartum unit as the Clinical Partner and became Nurse Manager of Postpartum in December 2011.

I know the best years are still to come as Joel and I start to contemplate retirement - and grandchildren - one day!

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