Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"I’m Cancer-free Thanks to the Staff at GBMC"

Lenora Hearn-Mooney's Story

I had had every test possible and was seen by a variety of doctors, all of whom declared that no cancer was found. I was scheduled to have surgery on February 6, 2014, to have both ovaries removed. I was also told that my lymph nodes were growing outwards inside my body and that they were going to be clipped during my surgery. During surgery and the clipping of one of my lymph nodes, a cancer cell was found lying across my cervix wall across my main blood artery. It could not be removed surgically.

When I awoke from the medications and was told, with my daughter and son, that I had cancer. I was in denial and was devastated. All I wanted to know was if it was curable. It was confirmed by a group of doctors that included Dr. Grumbine that it was curable and that chemotherapy, and possibly radiation therapy, was needed to do so. I was so devastated, in denial and depressed, but was preparing myself to put on my boxing gloves to beat this disease.

I went through one round of chemo treatments once every three weeks for six cycles of treatments. I had another CT scan done which determined that the cancer was not gone. I had to do another six and a half weeks of mild chemo treatments once a week as well as radiation for six and a half weeks the same time at 4:00 pm every day. With the grace of God, I survived through all of those medications which were horrible. I was loaded with side effects from numbness, tingling, vision problems, loss weight, constipation, and loss of appetite. I lost all of my hair and didn't care. I just wanted to live.

I was treated with the best care, respect and compassion from the entire staff at GBMC. I did my research with the best doctors. I was surrounded with friends that experienced cancer to help prepare me along the way. I became cancer-free in February 2015, exactly around the same time as the year before I was diagnosed. I had the best doctors, nurses and personnel at GBMC. My port was removed in May 2015, and I still get tested periodically. I can't thank GMBC and the staff enough. Thanks for my new hair and a new life!

I have always been a healthy eater. I researched all foods that are linked to cancer and they do not enter my home. I eat only cancer-fighting foods. I also juice, and eat fresh fruits and vegetables only. I continued my ballroom and hand dancing. I exercise as much as possible to keep my girlish fitness. Life is short!

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