Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"I'm A Cancer Survivor"

Laura Geiwitz's Story

I am a cancer survivor! My heartfelt “Thank you” is given to Dr. Paul Celano and his team, and also is given to Dr. Francis Grumbine, my surgeon.

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer on June 15, 1998. I will never forget that day. Dr. Grumbine came into my room (I had had a hysterectomy) and gave me the news. I still remember him holding my hand and telling me I would need chemotherapy. He said he was referring me to Dr. Celano and they would work as a team to help me. He was right.

I have never met a team of people who cared so much about my health and about making me cancer-free. Thank God for the wonderful nursing staff – they are angels in scrubs. I opted to be a part of a clinical trial. I was monitored, questioned and consulted on every part of my treatment. They had a plan.

Treatment was the scariest and hardest thing I had ever done. My doctors and nurses were with me every step of the way. At one really low point of my treatment, I was really sick and depressed while I was at GBMC for a check-up. Paula Pearl, the physician assistant in Dr. Celano office, put her arm around me and said, “I am here to help you. You can do this.” My God, what a comfort Paula was to me that day. Thank you, Paula.

Well, it has been sixteen years, eight months and thirteen days (but who's counting?) since that day. I still see Dr. Grumbine and Dr. Celano for check-ups, and they still care about my health as much as they did in the beginning. I thank God and GBMC for my care and health. I can't see me ever going to another hospital for care.

My treatment has been successful. The care I received from GBMC, has given me the chance to retire with my husband and to be with my grandchildren. I am one happy and healthy woman!

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