Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"GBMC Delivered My First"

Kristine Reinhardt's Story

Back in February 1990, when I was getting ready to have my first child, I was 20 years old and so very scared. I visited my doctor, Dr. Nauman, on a Friday. I was worried because he was leaving for a week in Hawaii, but he said not to worry, I had a couple weeks to go. So, of course, my water broke Wednesday morning.

Right away I had contractions about five minutes apart. We raced to GBMC and got there at 9:00 am. Delivery was crowded, because apparently a lot of babies were being born that day. I was put in a very, very, small examination room. I was progressing fast but was firm I did not want an epidural. A nurse kept coming in and offering me one, thinking it would ease my fears, but I would have no part of it. I did not like this no-control thing and an epidural was one more thing I could not control. So, onward I went.

The doctor on duty, I'm pretty sure it was Dr. Bottigleri, came in to check on me and that was it – my baby was crowning. Turns out it was so crowded in L&D that day that I was rushed to an OR because there was no more room. A couple pushes and there he was, my first child – my son, Mark. He was born on February 21, 1990 at 12:00 noon, on the button. We had only been there for three hours. He weighed in at five pounds, 15 ounces and was 17.5 inches long. He was amazing, healthy, strong and beautiful. I remember counting every finger and toe. So many other moms were there much longer, and we were already done. When we went up to our room, the nurses were so wonderful. I spent two days at GBMC before we went home.

Since then, I have watched over and guided Mark for 25 years. When he was young, I thought he was going to give Steve Irwin a run for his money!! My Mark loves animals and brought home many to share. He brought home snakes and lizards, an eel, a large snapping turtle, fish, birds and a cute duck for Mother’s Day as a gift, just to name a few. (These animals were almost all returned to nature!) He is courageous and brave, loves sports and anything outdoors. Today he is working hard full-time, shares a small house with a cousin and is finishing a welding course – top of his class – at community college. He is a big brother to two brothers and he is why my name is “Mom.” I could not be more proud.

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