Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"A Healthy Start for All Three of My Daughters"

Kimberly Williams' Story

In honor of the 50th Anniversary celebration of GBMC, I wanted to share two of my experiences with the staff of the BEST hospital in the world!

Twenty-five years ago, I presented myself to the maternity ward at GBMC and became a mom for the very first time. The doctors and nurses took very good care of me and I left feeling invincible. Twelve years later, in 2001, I had a three month stay at the high risk OB unit, and in 2002, I delivered twins... born 54 days apart.

I spent 90 days in the hospital with my twins, and I spent 100 days nursing my oldest twin in the NICU. Eight years later, the oldest twin was diagnosed with autism. Today, my girls are very active seventh graders, excelling academically and very involved with the arts. My oldest daughter just bought her first house and recently earned her MBA.

My last experience with doctors and nurses, the one involving the birth of my second twin daughter, was not only exceptional, but many of those staff members made me feel like family. I gained a better respect for the professionals at GBMC and praise them every chance I get to whomever will listen. The professionals at GBMC provided all three of my girls with a very healthy start. I continue to communicate with the doctors and nurses via Facebook and I am so proud to KNOW each and every one of them!

Happy Anniversary GBMC! I am proud to have crossed in and out of your doors!

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