Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"A Passion for Nursing"

Kathy Paskewitz's Story

I began my journey with GBMC in 1987. I came here working as an agency nurse in the critical care areas. I was hired to the SICU in February of 1988 and loved it from the start. I knew I had found my home because everyone I worked with soon became a part of my GBMC family.

From the SICU I transferred to the PACU in Sherwood which, at the time, had not been open that long. From Sherwood I move to Post Observation, playing a part in planning the opening of that unit. Because of my expertise in the PACU, I knew which elements needed to be in the Post Observation unit for standard recovery of patients. I then returned my first love, the PACU, to care for those patients in the critical time of waking up from anesthesia.

I moved into HR and became a Business Partner for Critical Care and Perioperative/Surgical Services in 2004. These are my areas of expertise, and again I have been granted the autonomy to support those areas I love, that are near and dear to me and that I know so well. It is with passion that I recruit the best registered nurses and staff members I can find, making sure we, as an organization, continue to provide the care for our patients that I would give.

GBMC has always been there to support me in my professional growth, and that led me to be selected for a national Board of Directors position of the American Board of Perianesthesia Nurses. I went on to become the President of that board, something of which I am very proud. I love networking, bringing back information from all over the country and having a pulse on the nationwide practice of nursing. This provides a means for me to give back to my profession and to GBMC, an organization that has so willingly supported me throughout the years.

Jody Porter, GBMC’s former Chief Nursing Officer, my managers and my VPs in HR have been my cheerleaders and main supporters, granting me the opportunities to make a difference in the perianesthesia profession locally, statewide and on a national level. I am constantly exhilarated by my work and energized to do more.

Throughout my career, I have been honored to have achieved the following:

  • I have been a GBMC Sunflower winner
  • National President for the American Society for Perianesthesia Nurses
  • Regional Director for Region 3 promoting CPAN and CAPA certification
  • A lecturer on a national level
  • Nationally recognized as a resource and consultant for perianesthesia nursing
  • Serving on task forces representing GBMC for the Maryland Board of Nursing
  • Recognized by the American Board of Nursing Specialty Certifications as a Leaders Legacy award recipient in 2013 for leading lectures and round table discussions on best practices
Because of GBMC, I feel very accomplished, proud and thankful.

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