Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"The Doctors Saved My Life"

Karen Tinker's Story

Two years ago I went to my primary care physician, Dr. Whiteford, with swollen ankles and fatigue. She automatically ordered blood work and it turned out that I was severely anemic. I was able to quickly get an appointment with Dr. Tang, a hematologist and oncologist at GBMC. Dr. Tang admitted me directly to the hospital where I received blood transfusions and an iron infusion. I then had a colonoscopy, which came back normal, but I was still losing blood.

Dr. Tang is an amazing woman. She ordered every test under the sun, including one for bone marrow. Much to our surprise, all tests were normal. I went for blood transfusions and iron infusions multiple times. Dr. Tang was amazed that I was even walking around with my blood levels so low! After all the blood work and testing, Dr. Tang sent me for another colonoscopy. The doctor saw I was bleeding in my colon. He cauterized the bleeder and, as far as my anemia is concerned, I am okay now. All the doctors and hospital staff were amazing. Thank you, Dr. Whiteford and Dr. Tang, for saving my life!

I am also proud to say that I work for this wonderful hospital.

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