Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"Supportive and Caring Staff Members"

Julie Kocur's Story

Nine years ago, my seven-year-old daughter became sick with what we initially thought was a strep throat infection. She was also complaining of ankle pain, but as she had fallen in gym class that week, we did not immediately link the two complaints. After four days of antibiotics failed to make a difference in her symptoms, and as the pain in her ankle became worse, we knew that we needed more than our pediatrician could provide.

My daughter was admitted through the pediatric ER at GBMC and underwent testing and treatment. I was currently eight-and-a-half months pregnant and was high-risk. It was very stressful to not know what was wrong with my daughter and physically hard for me to care of her given my advanced pregnancy. She couldn't walk or put weight on her foot at all and needed to be carried to the bathroom and around the unit.

The staff members at the ER were supportive and caring. When my daughter was finally diagnosed with osteomyelitis and needed to be transferred to John Hopkins Children's Center, the nurses walked me through what to expect every step of the way. This was a potentially life threatening diagnosis for my daughter, but they did all they could to alleviate our fears. While the total hospital time for my daughter was two weeks, followed by eight weeks of round the clock antibiotics at home, because of GBMC she has made a full recovery and is currently looking at colleges!

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