Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"Many Thanks to GBMC’s ED"

Jasmynn Pearson's Story

A few weeks ago, I was not feeling well and decided to come to the GBMC ED for care. Often times when I get sick, I usually allow the symptoms to run its course, but this time I was not so lucky. As soon as I entered the ED, I received prompt attention and care. Realization set in that my symptoms were severe when I was informed of low blood pressure, a fever of 103.5 degrees, and dehydration—YIKES!

The ED physicians decided to keep me overnight when my lab results indicated that I had an infection. They needed to find the source and my vitals had to return to normal prior to them releasing me home. So, my thought process immediately changed from "Oh, I'm not feeling too well and rest did not help. Let me go to the ED and get some antibiotics." to "Umm...WHAT?! You're keeping me?! Overnight?! Are you kidding?!"

Needless to say, I have never been that sick, and had never been hospitalized, in all my years of life. I was completely terrified during the whole process—just imagine for a second you walk in to the ED expecting a quick check up and a script for the nearest 24-hour pharmacy, and then that thought completely changes to an IV, antibiotics, urine samples, blood samples and you aren't getting to go home to your own mattress any time soon. However, I must tip my hat to everyone that came in contact with me, and I am terrible with names so I'll thank them personally by title:

To the ED check-in specialist, thank you. Honey, my throat was on fire and you asked me specific and effective questions that limited my use of speech to one word answers.

To nurse Tom (I remember you), thank you. You took my vitals, hooked up my IV and did that horrible (yet necessary) flu test.

To the nurse who helped Nurse Tom that night, thank you. I know I threw a fit when you had to draw more blood and it was fairly difficult since I was very dehydrated, but you handled the task as best you could with little to no additional discomfort to me.

To the nurse that gave me my blanket, thank you. Even though my fever was 103.5 degrees, my feet were blue and I was freezing.

To the technician that took my chest X-ray, thank you. That was the coolest and most painless procedure that I had.

To the ED physicians, thank you. Although I was not happy that I had to stay overnight, I appreciate all of you for doing your due diligence to find the source of my infection and return my vitals to normal.

To the gentleman that wheeled me to my hospital room, thank you. I was still pretty scared, but I trusted that you would get me to my room without running into people or walls.

To my day and night nurses at the hospital, thank you. You ladies ROCK!!! I was very cranky when you interrupted my rest to check my vitals and when you could not give me a definitive answer about when I could leave, but you were very caring, apologetic and attentive to my needs.

To the phlebotomist that drew blood from my hand that night and at my follow up lab test, thank you. I absolutely hate needles and I did not feel a thing. There were no bruises or scaring and I truly appreciate you.

Finally, to the food and beverage crew and the cleaning lady for my room, thank you. I appreciate that my meals were brought to me in a timely manner and I appreciate the cleaning lady for taking care of my mess.

All in all, I am grateful that I was able to leave the very next day and return to work without having to use sick or personal time. My test results came back normal, and it was almost like that night never happened.

Because I was treated in the ED for a 24-hour viral infection, I was able to return to work with a clean bill of health am most appreciative of my health and recovery. Thank you, GBMC, for providing me an opportunity to be an employee and for returning me back to normal.

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