Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"Two Total Knee Replacements"

Jackie Kraft's Story

I have experienced many positive moments at GBMC, both personally and with family members. I would like to share one such experience at this time.

My knees became progressively more painful. Friends encouraged me to see various orthopedic specialists at several nearby hospitals. However, after seeing the successful results some friends enjoyed, I made an appointment with Dr. Lee Schmidt. The x-rays confirmed “bone-on-bone” in both knees. Dr. Schmidt offered several non-surgical options which allowed me to conclude that total knee replacements were really the only option to alleviate the pain and let me resume normal walking activities.

GBMC has a wonderful pre-surgical class explaining the whole procedure, addressing any concerns and providing helpful exercises. My right knee was replaced first, and I was able to resume driving in about two weeks. My left knee was successfully replaced one year later. My mobility was restored and daily activities were now pain-free.

Thank you Dr. Schmidt and the GBMC joint replacement and rehab specialists! I am once again able to walk, stand, shop, etc. without pain.

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