Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"Quality Care for Casey"

Gina Ranieri-Bender's Story

My daughter Casey was three, it was a weekend and I was working at Gilchrist. My husband, our son, Brice, and Casey went sledding. My husband had Casey in front of him on his sled, and going down the hill, they hit something and both popped off the sled. In a panic, my husband rushed to find Casey. When he got to her, she was unresponsive.

He called me frantically asking what to do. I told him not to call 911 because I didn’t want her taken to the nearest hospital – I wanted Casey treated at GBMC. I instructed him to drive her directly to GBMC’s emergency room. Having had experience as a GBMC intensive care unit nurse, and suspecting a head injury, I told my husband to keep Casey, who had regained consciousness, talking during the ride.

GBMC did a wonderful job. They saw her immediately in the ER, assessed her and took her for a CT scan. The scan showed a fractured skull. GBMC staff members watched Casey all night and were prepared with a neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins just in case. They kept her NPO, or without food and drink, just in case her injury required any medical intervention.

Casey was a “daddy’s girl” and my husband knew it well. This compounded how horribly he felt, and he was pretty much a wreck because he felt responsible. The accident was such a scary thing, one you would never expect would happen. The part my daughter remembers was waking up in Pediatrics, thrilled to be served Frosted Flakes for breakfast.

I remember how strong my instinct was to make sure my daughter was taken to GBMC rather than any other hospital. I couldn’t think of anything other than getting her to GBMC. That confidence I had in the GBMC’s quality of care was fulfilled.

Because of GBMC’s care, Casey is now an eighth grader in middle school. She has had the opportunity to enjoy life as any normal young girl would. Our family has had the wonderful opportunity to grow and share the time with her, and my husband and his “daddy’s girl” have created many special memories together.

To this day, when I reflect back on the event, I still say I wouldn’t choose any other hospital than GMBC.

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