Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"I Started and Ended My Career at GBMC"

Gene Kermisch's Story

Back in 1963, I graduated high school and started junior college at Baltimore Junior College on Liberty Heights. I didn't particularly care for college at the time, so I took incompletes for grades and dropped out of school. I immediately got my 1A Selective Service letter from Uncle Sam to come visit him at Fort Holabird for an Army physical.

I kept my appointment and passed my physical with flying colors. I was told that the Army would get in touch with me very shortly for a prepaid trip to Southeast Asia, compliments of my Uncle Sam. So, in deference to an army invite, I decided to skip it and enlist in the macho service, the US Marine Corps. I did, and again won a prepaid trip to scenic Southeast Asia, compliments of Uncle and the USMC. But first, I had to visit a lovely Barrier Island known as “Paris.” After 16 weeks of lovely hell at Paradise, me and my pet sand fleas went for an all-expenses paid, 12-month tour of scenic Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia: the Jewels of the Southeast Asia Tours.

I came home and suddenly junior college didn't seem so bad. I went again to junior college and got a job in late 1965 at a new hospital which had just opened on Charles Street: GBMC. I worked at GBMC for six to nine months and started my life, and now 49 years later am back at GBMC the second time around, finishing my eighth consecutive year, to conclude my career in respiratory therapy. I was here when the hospital opened, and I am here now, 50 years later, closing my career.

It's been quite a ride. I skipped the middle 40 some years in my narrative.

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