Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"We Can Travel Now"

Ellen Bridges' Story

I fell up my brick steps and broke my nose in several places. I came to the ER at GBMC and everyone was very nice. Then I had to come back for Dr. Capone to put my nose back together. He did a great job, but it was so damaged that I had to come back again to see Dr. Goldstone to fix my deviated septum.

My boyfriend, Mark Schulz, has been suffering for years with his knees and walked in pain all the time. He came to GBMC for bilateral knee surgery. Everything was great and he is now pain-free.

Thank you GBMC.

Because of Mark’s surgery, we can travel and he can walk for long periods of time. We intend to travel as much as we can. As for me, I can breathe again and the scar gives me character. When asked about it, I always say, “You should see the other guy!”

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