Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"The Best Care for My Sister"

Elizabeth Scanlan Trump's Story

Told by Martha Klima

My sister, Elizabeth, had been cared for and undergone neurologic testing at a downtown hospital for pain in her neck/back for over a year. On her last visit she related the fact that she was unable to swallow, neither food nor water, for almost two weeks.

To our surprise, the downtown hospital did not admit Elizabeth for hydration, but instead sent her home after four hours of testing. I went to her home the next day and said, "We are going to the ER at GBMC."

The GBMC physician on duty administered blood tests, and finally admitted Elizabeth. Three days later, my sister was diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease. She was given a stomach feeding tube and formula for nourishment, and she was sent home. Three and a half weeks later, she passed away.

The care and caring rendered to Elizabeth during her stay at GBMC was wonderful. Her neurologist spent time and energy to explain and give support. The nursing staff and technical persons were all sympathetic and again, so caring. Our family was shocked by the diagnosis, but so grateful that a medical entity had finally solved the puzzle of what was ailing my sister.

We are thankful for GBMC.

There are many choices for medical and surgical care in our community of greater Towson, in addition to institutions in the city. GBMC was our choice, and we realize how fortunate it was that we chose GBMC to treat my sister, Elizabeth.

I have been a volunteer at GBMC for over ten years. It is a joy to share my perspective to patients and their families in order to allay fears and insert hope for the cures and procedures that we do so well at GBMC. I am hopeful that I can continue helping and giving back to my family, friends and neighbors.

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