Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"The NICU Saved Our Triplets"

Eileen Wilcox's Story

On October 27, 1993, the Wilcox triplets were born at 27 weeks at GBMC. The next four months were a rocky road to recovery for Timothy, Michael and Mary Sean Wilcox. Born at an average of two pounds each, they each had their unique health issues during their stay at GBMC.

While words will never express our sincere gratitude for the amazing care of the NICU, I truly believe that loving care given to both my children as patients, their older 20-month-old brother and us – their parents – GBMC treated us as family. They treated the triplets as if they were members of their own family. They were very sick. Timmy had surgery at eight days old for necrotizing enterocolitis. His condition was grave almost the entire time he was at GBMC. How he was treated during his stay is the reason why he and Michael and Mary Sean are now currently seniors in college and amazingly healthy. Family, care, love, trust and faith – GBMC was this and much more for my family during this very trying time.

Timothy, Michael and Mary Sean have accomplished more than we would have ever dreamed. Graduates of Boys Latin School of Maryland, McDonough School and Notre Dame Prep, respectively, each had their own success in high school. Timothy was part of an accomplished band, Michael an incredible singer and Mary Sean an accomplished athlete, each are now seniors in college. Timothy attends Towson University majoring in mass communication, Michael attends Loyola University Maryland majoring in business and Mary Sean attends the University of Florida majoring in psychology.

Who would have thought that Mary Sean, was born weighing two pounds, four ounces, would be the starting goalie for the University of Florida lacrosse team – an NCAA Division 1 top 10 team who has participated in the NCAA lacrosse tournament for the past three year and won their conference the past three years. Academically, each child is very accomplish as well. While I am only including a picture of Mary Sean, her brothers are so very proud of her and what she has accomplished. She truly defines the accomplishment of the three of them together, and we all have GBMC to thank for making their dreams a reality.

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