Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"A Rewarding and Challenging Career"

Doreen Christian's Story

Because of GBMC, I have been able to have a rewarding and challenging career. I can best explain this by taking you through all of the areas in which I have had the opportunity to work.

I started in sanitation in the kitchen, then went to housekeeping, and then to transportation at GBMC. So many staff members, especially Billie Dunn and Connie Vagrin, were so helpful during my GBMC transitions. While I was working, GBMC took care of putting me through school to become a CNA/GNA, which enriched my life and further expanded my opportunities.

I worked with the brave patients and families in both the Oncology unit and then Cardiology. Oncology, in particular, helped me understand and appreciate the difficult transitions patients and families go through. Because of this, in 2007, I chose an opportunity to transfer to Gilchrist Hospice Care as a receptionist. I will always remember how Reggie Bodnar was so welcoming to me my first day at Gilchrist. She was the first of so many of the compassionate Gilchrist staff I have come to know during my years as receptionist.

Overall, I feel grateful for all of the opportunities, knowledge and skills offered by GBMC and Gilchrist. I am proud that I have felt very capable of doing a lot of different things, to be a jack-of-all-trades and to be helping patients, families and staff. The lasting memories of all the relationships that I have developed with all of those people continue to give me great satisfaction and pleasure.

Because of all the opportunities, my work as a Gilchrist receptionist allows me to use all my knowledge and skills to guide patients, families and even staff as they call Gilchrist. I also have been given the opportunity and have been greatly pleased to train staff in the wide variety of responsibilities Gilchrist has given me. One of the volunteers has called me the "Director of First Impressions" because of how she said I take care to meet and anticipate the family, patient and staff needs as they call in, many in times of their greatest need.

So, to sum it up, because of GBMC and Gilchrist, I feel most grateful that I have had the opportunity to develop my skills and use them to help other people.

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