Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"A Meaningful Career"

Donna Lewis' Story

When I moved to Maryland in the early eighties, I was seeking meaningful employment where I could use both my nursing background and my pastoral counseling skills. After a few years working as an oncology nurse at a local hospital, I had contact with GBMC and was very impressed with its cancer program. It was obvious the organization valued supporting programs that helped cancer patients and their loved ones. I knew my goal was to work here some day.

In 1988, I was hired as the Nurse Manager of the inpatient oncology unit. In 1991, my career dream came true and I was chosen to be manager of the Oncology Support Program (now known as Oncology Support Services).

Since I had no family in Baltimore, my GBMC friends were like family, and since I was single and had no children, Oncology Support Services (OSS) was like my child that I wanted to nurture. From the time I started until I retired in 2012, my time at GBMC provided me with a wonderful integration of a meaningful personal and professional life.

Because of GBMC, in retirement I feel deep peace and joy.

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