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Danielle Alchin's Story

My name is Danielle, and I had my little girl, Frankie, my only child, at GBMC. I was 38 when I had her, and I had lots of tests and monitoring done because of my age. I was put on bed rest in the beginning of January, and she was due in March. I was having tests done three times a week at the hospital to monitor both of us to make sure everything was as it should be.

In early February I went for normal testing and was having trouble catching my breath. The staff immediately started monitoring us. I was scheduled for a late morning appointment, and by that afternoon my blood pressure would still not go down. They told me my little girl would probably be born that weekend, a month early.

I was a mess. I was alone and it was nowhere near my due date. The staff put me in labor and delivery to monitor me. With each hour my blood pressure got higher and higher, and five hours later we were told it was time for an emergency c-section. Nothing was helping to lower my blood pressure and my preeclampsia was getting dangerously high. They told me that what takes some women four days to get to had taken me just four hours.

By now, my fiancé and best friend were with me, but I had been having gestational thrombocytopenia and my counts were now in the 40,000. I had finished my platelet transfusion two days earlier, but it had not helped. The anesthesiologist talked to me and told me he could only try one time to get my epidural, but after that he would not try again as I could bleed to death if anything went wrong. My doctor told me normally they won't try to give an epidural at all if my counts were lower than 100,000, but the anesthesiologist did and he got it right on the first try.

The medicine, however, did not take full effect and I felt the incisions. I was given four doses and I still felt everything. My doctor asked my fiancé about my pain tolerance, and my fiancé told him it was really high, so the doctor gave me one more "big" dose and I was instantly in a field of flowers. I didn't feel or remember anything.

My little girl was delivered at 11:10 p.m. She had a little trouble breathing and they kept her in the NICU for twelve hours. The next day, my gorgeous little girl was brought to me and everyone was amazing. Since I was a first-time mom everyone made sure everything was perfect all the time, and it was. I was still on magnesium, so I wasn't allowed to do anything for the next two days until they took me off of it, but the staff did everything they could for me! It was amazing, even though totally unexpected time-wise, and I couldn't have asked for anything better! Should I ever have another baby, it will definitely be a GBMC baby!

Because of GBMC, my little girl just turned one and she is walking. It is absolutely amazing to see and experience.

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