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Cynthia Fraser's Story

My mother was eager to have a hospital near her new Towson home in which to have a baby, so she volunteered to help with fundraising to help build the new hospital. She showed up at the Towson YMCA to help stuff envelopes for hundreds of donor invitations, and when she arrived, she found tables of invitations and no one else to help. So, she did the whole project by herself.

As it turned out, I came in April of 1964, one year too early for GBMC, and she had to go to Women's Hospital downtown! Years later at a cocktail party, my mother told her story to the then-President of GBMC, Larry Merlis. He introduced her to a colleague as the "lady who single-handedly built GBMC"!!!

My mom will celebrate her 85th birthday this Sunday. She has had many health problems and extended stays at GBMC over the past 10 years. We are very grateful, especially to her incredibly dedicated primary care physician, Dr. Ruth Kantor, her surgeons, Dr. Jerez and Dr. Savoie, the many nice nurses in the hospital and wonderful PT group and nurses in the subacute Unit 54 rehab.

Happy Birthday GBMC!

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