Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"From NICU to Radiography at GBMC"

Cindy Plantholt's Story

My daughter Kasey was born at GBMC on December 17, 1991, on her father’s birthday! This baby meant so much to us because we went from being a family to a couple when our firstborn child died on September 13, 1989. As you can imagine, we were a bundle of nerves and anticipation waiting for Kasey's arrival. You can imagine my heartbreak when on the morning of December 18, I was told that Kasey was very sick, needed a spinal tap and would be moved to the NICU.

My husband was not with me when I received this news and I was devastated. Kasey was diagnosed with Group B Strep and, at the time, there was not a lot of information available. Through our research, we found most children suffer mental and physical handicaps from the condition – or worse, death. Through our pediatrician, Dr. Peter Ferra, and the excellent care she received at GBMC, Kasey was finally able to come home on December 29, 1991. In fact, I remember on Christmas morning I received a call in the wee hours of the morning that made my heart stop. Imagine my relief when I heard "There is no room at the inn!” Kasey was the biggest baby in NICU, and they needed the space for a preemie!

Kasey is now 23 years old, and we couldn't be more proud of her! We have been able to experience so many things with her, including dance, basketball, soccer, track, NHS, getting her driver's license, prom and high school and college graduations. The most fitting is that Kasey is currently a senior in the GBMC School of Radiography program!

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