Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"GBMC Saved Our Daughter's Life"

Beth Thornton's Story

Our daughter was born at GBMC on Thursday, January 29, 1987 at 2:55 pm. If it hadn't been for the nurse, Sharon Liberto, Jennifer would not be alive today.

Jennifer was born with a congenital hiatal hernia. Her stomach had gone through a hole in her intestine and up into her chest. Jennifer was blue when she was born. Sharon grabbed Jennifer and rushed her to the NICU where they promptly started working on her.

Later that evening, Dr. Buck came to see us. He explained about Jennifer's situation and her needing surgery. He explained that, at that time, Jennifer would have to be transferred to Johns Hopkins for her surgery. Jennifer went to Johns Hopkins on Saturday, had her surgery on Sunday, and was back at GBMC by Wednesday.

We can honestly say that Jennifer was treated by the nurses and doctors at GBMC like she was their own child. We had no fear when we had to leave Jennifer at night. We knew that if we wanted, we could call to check up any time we wanted – if it was at 2:15 am or 4:30 am. Never were we given the impression that we were bothering the nurses or doctors. No matter how small or how big of an interruption, the doctors or nurses always made time for us.

Since Jennifer was successfully treated at GBMC, we have been able to see her grow up into a beautiful young woman. We later found out that Jennifer was a lot sicker than we knew. We found out that there was a chance that she might not have made it to her 1st birthday. Jennifer graduated high school and has a full-time job.

Thank you,

Jim and Beth Thornton

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