Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"Above and Beyond Care"

Arthur Beach's Story

As a volunteer and a former patient, I can say that I have always been treated by the staff as if I were family. GBMC has always been important to me. My two children were born at GBMC forty years ago, and my wife worked in the ED. 

I have been an inpatient about fifty times with a recurrent bowel obstruction problem, a condition that has caused me to have several surgeries. During my many hospital stays on Unit 48, I have become very close to the doctors and nurses. They have always treated me with professional and loving care. The nursing staff members now refer to me as "the Mayor of Unit 48," a title of which I am very proud. Because of our strong bond with that group, my wife and I are always invited to the Unit 48 social functions. 

Here is an example of one instance of the above and beyond care that I receive at GBMC. After a lengthy hospital stay following one of my surgeries, my wife and I had planned a trip to Disney World. I had a restricted diet during this time and was concerned about eating while we were at the park. Loretta Dahlem, one of my nurses, has a daughter that worked at Disney, and Loretta had her daughter arrange special meals for me while I was at there. 

This was just one of the many acts of kindness that I have experienced during my many hospitalizations at GBMC. I am able to live a normal life because of the care and advice that I have received from the doctors and nurses at GBMC, and am happy that I can share my experience with other members of our community. 

As a volunteer, I work in the Emergency Department as well as on Unit 48 with “my girls,” as I like to refer to the nurses there. I view all of them as my children. I am truly grateful for the love and kindness that I have received at GBMC.

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