Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"Our Adopted Daughter Was Born at GBMC"

Anna Lybrook's Story

In 1999, my husband and I had been married more than eight years and had been through several fertility treatments to try to have a baby – but no luck. Then, by a series of small miracles, we stumbled upon a pregnant 22-year-old who was looking for a couple to adopt her baby. She was due in early June, and she was starting her eighth month. I had to go into full gear to get the adoption process rolling.

The birth mother had been going to the GBMC clinic for regular check-ups and she wanted to deliver at GBMC. I accompanied her to the clinic many times during her last weeks of the pregnancy and even got to see my baby via ultrasound. In the wee hours of June 12, 1999, she went into labor. We met her at GBMC where my daughter, Natalie, was delivered. I was allowed to watch the C-section up close, which fascinated me. Natalie had a brief visit to the NICU and then she went to the nursery.

Since I had not delivered her, we had no room at GBMC; however, the wonderful nursery staff gave my husband and me an entire corner of the nursery to ourselves, complete with a rocking chair and a big window so family and friends could come get a look at our baby. The nurses told us to stay as long as we wanted, and we spent hours there in the nursery. The entire staff was wonderful! We brought Natalie home on Monday, June 14, 1999. She has been a joy to us since then.

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