Greater Baltimore Medical Center
"GBMC Delivered Our Sons"

Amanda Reyer's Story

December 1, 1995 was one of the most important days in the lives of my husband and me. I was a very young newlywed, a mom-to-be at 18 and terrified of the whole birthing experience. I had no idea what to expect, so when I went into labor I just thought I had gas and a backache from cleaning. My husband came home from work and found me at the stove finishing up dinner, with a chair right by the stove. He started timing when I would sit to catch my breath and we realized these were contractions and they were five minutes apart. We still had six weeks to go.

Freaking out, we discovered our doctor was out of the country on vacation and we would just have to go to the hospital and wing it. We got to GBMC and this amazing doctor on duty examined me and slowly stood up telling me, “Mrs. Reyer, please do not laugh, cough, sneeze or anything until I get out of the way.” I was six centimeters dilated and my water bag was bulging out!

We were put in the delivery room and things were crazy. When it was all said and done, my beautiful son was born at a whopping six pounds, one ounce and six weeks early. I only got to see his sweet face for a moment and then he was whisked away to the NICU. He was a giant among the other precious little ones and remained there for 22 days dealing with acid reflux and jaundice.

Today, my son, Nathaniel, is almost 20 and will graduate from Universal Technical Institute in June. Our second child, Gabriel was also born at GBMC. Due to some quick thinking nurses who realized his heart had almost stopped while in the birth canal and that I was hemorrhaging, he was delivered by an emergency c-section that saved both of our lives on May 22, 1997. He is now almost 18 years old and will graduate from high school two days after his birthday. He will attend Texas State University in the fall.

GBMC treated us so well and took such great care of our boys, and now we will have a college graduate and a high school graduate all in one year. Thank you for everything, GBMC!

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